Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Driving directions to Motor World, Abu dhabi,

All used car shops in Abu Dhabi Airport Road moved to Motor World in Shamkha.

From Abu dhabi Go towards Abu Dhabi Airport on E33, After Khalifa City Exit on E33 keep right track after the Adnoc petrol station and go towards sweihan, Al Falah on E33.After the ADNOC near airport (24.404324,54.61195) first bridge(have exits to mafreq, Dubai, Shahama and this is interchange of E11 and E33) go staright and take exit before second bridge towards Shamkha, Al Falah Or Baniyas.You can Also find Sign boards for Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital. After Exit before the bridge, first round about take first exit or free right, keep straight or take second exits on next two round abouts. you will find Motor World on right hand side. sign boards also there.

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